Procter & Gamble - Removal of vapour pipe

The contract to remove a large vapour pipe was awarded to Millcroft Services following two unsuccessful attempts by another contractor. Millcroft safely and successfully brought the pipe to the ground in sections and removed it from site.

In 2012 a major refurbishment project went ahead on the first floor of FPB building at Procter & Gamble’s London plant. The project is still ongoing with more exterior upgrades to the building which was built in the 1940s.

Located on the east elevation and connected to the side of the building, the steel vapour pipe which ran from the first floor right up and over the roof. The redundant 800mm diameter pipe served as a chimney for the now demolished kitchens in the old canteen and was deemed dangerous due to the corrosion of the sections. The steel had become very thin around the flanges and there was a significant threat of parts of the structure collapsing.

A great deal of planning and thought went into developing the method statement for its removal. Slinging, strapping and cutting of the sections had to be done in such a way so that the sections did not break and separate during the lifting operation.

Due to production at London plant Millcroft had only a two day window to execute the lift with day two bringing snow showers and unpredictable winds. The last section of pipe was eventually brought to the ground in the afternoon following a frustrating wait for the wind speed to drop down to within safe levels.


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Procter & Gamble


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January 2013

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