Procter & Gamble - Roof upgrade

Millcroft approved installers were able to upgrade the 2500m² roof surface using the Enviroflex Liquid-Applied Roof Waterproofing system with no disruption to the operation of the facility.

The project was carried out at Procter & Gamble's facility in West Thurrock and comprised the upgrading of the fabric of the building including new roof surface and balcony floor covering using our own Enviroflex approved and trained installers. 

The work had to be carried out around large plant and under raised floor gratings. Our use of the Enviroflex Liquid-Applied Roof Waterproofing system has since become a standard across the site. In addition we removed a large number of redundant steel and aluminium frame windows and replaced them with new energy efficient UPVC. 

All works came in within budget and within the agreed time scale.

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Procter & Gamble Uk Limited


Enviroflex Liquid-Applied Roof Waterproofing

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