Tate & Lyle Raw Sugar Jetty

In 2012 Millcroft were commissioned by Tate and Lyle Sugars to strengthen the Raw Sugar Jetty located at their Thames Refinery in East London.

The Raw Sugar Jetty is the main location that Raw Sugar is brought into the plant by sea from locations all over the world.

Millcroft initially provided access scaffolding to allow our specialist team to carry out the necessary structural repair and refurbishment of the jetty. The Scaffold was erected initially out of life boats and all materials lowered into the boats from upon the jetty.

The importation of sugar was to take priority at all times of the works.  Our operatives received specialist training to allow them to work above water as well as being aware of tidal movements of this very busy part of the Thames just in front of the Thames Barrier. 

The job was completed successful, and executed safely and on time and budget.

Project Data


Tate & Lyle Sugars Ltd


Structural Repair and Refurbishment


November 2012

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