Dangerous Structures

Buildings can become dangerous for a variety of reasons such as vehicle impact, vandalism or design defects, to more dramatic causes such as fire, explosion or storm damage. They are defined as being structures which are at risk of collapse and must be secured for public safety.

Millcroft Scaffolding is able to deploy a specialist response team of fully equipped, trained staff at a moment’s notice to deal with any such emergency situation, 24/7. The team’s initial priority is to carry out an immediate risk assessment of the site, often under the auspices of the District Surveyor, followed by the application of essential work required to make the site safe and allow access for the emergency services together with other specialist contractors such as structural surveyors and demolition experts. If required, Millcroft’s Construction division are also deployed to carry out any necessary structural repairs to make the building safe.

In many cases, the Millcroft team are one of the first to attend the scene. It is therefore critical that they operate safely and sensitively in what may well be a highly dangerous and possibly distressing environment. The response team are selected specifically to deal with this type of work and trained to liaise professionally with the emergency services.

Millcroft have been providing this highly specialist service for over 35 years. Our extensive experience allows us to deal with the most challenging of situations and as a result we have received a number of commendations and awards for our work and pride ourselves as being recognised as the ‘fourth’ emergency service in this situation.

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Emergency Scaffolding

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