The Painted Hall Lower Hall & Vestibule

Millcroft Scaffolding has been commissioned to engineer & provide scaffold access to the Vestibule and Lower Hall within the famous “Painted Hall” in Greenwich.

Through a collaborative working relationship with the Greenwich Foundation, we have provided both access for the conservation team, along with public access, including a disabled lift to allow the public exclusive and up-close access to the historic ceiling paintings.  There are over 7000 square feet of paintings to be restored, carried out by an expert team of conservationists over a 2-year period.  The paintings have not been cleaned or touched for over 50 years and will be given a new vitality once the restoration is complete.

Millcroft initially erected a scaffold into the vestibule which consisted of a gantry/protection deck built with aluminium beams spanning the doorways. Profile sheeting was laid on top of the beams and fire-resistant plywood fixed to the metal decking.  This protection enabled people access to the hall whilst works were taking place above them. The scaffold had to be free-standing and was designed to ensure minimum contact was made with the delicate, historic painted surfaces.

We provided two public access staircases to allow access to the viewing platform from where the Greenwich Foundation gave tours and narrative on the paintings.  Additionally a lift has been installed to allow disabled people to gain access to the viewing deck.

Our scaffolders had to erect the scaffolding with the utmost care and conduct to ensure the Greenwich Foundation were confident with us working so close to these historic treasures.   We also had to work around a busy schedule of filming and events that restricted our access and had to keep the noise to a minimum whilst filming was taking place.

Project Data


The Greenwich Foundation


Specialist Conservation Access


Oct 2016 – Sept 2018

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