After 72-years Combined Service, Millcroft’s Married Couple Moves On

October 2021

Our transport manager, Brian, and our head of accounts, Ginny, have both been with the company so long that it’s hard to remember Millcroft without them. But, after investing a combined 72 years of their lives in Millcroft, the pair are getting ready to leave us for a new life in Milton Keynes and we’re training up the next generation to step into their (hard-to-fill) shoes.

The couple met and married at Millcroft 22 years ago, but it’s 40 years since Brian first joined us. Having worked as a driver and in our scaffolding yard, he expressed an interest in becoming our transport manager, so we put the training and certification he needed in place to help him progress in his career. He’s done a fantastic job, ensuring reliable deliveries, well-maintained vehicles and efficient loads over the years. He’s given us a four-month notice period and we’ll be working with him to ensure the business continues to benefit from his extensive knowledge and systems.

Ginny has been with the company a mere 32 years! And has also become part of the fabric of Millcroft during that time. Romance blossomed for the couple during an office move and, two decades later, their own move is designed to take them closer to Ginny’s daughter’s home. Ginny will spend her remaining weeks at Millcroft training up our new head of accounts, Elry, who has been promoted from her previous role as accounts assistant.

Managing director, Billy Jones comments: “We are a family business with a relatively small staff in the office, so the team becomes an extended family. I can remember Brian at my 21st birthday party and both of them have been there for all the family and business milestones at Millcroft down the years. They will be sadly missed, but we cannot thank them enough for all their years of loyal service, hard work and contribution to Millcroft’s success. We wish them a smooth move to Milton Keynes and happy years ahead in their new home.”

Brian and Ginny are just two of the long-standing employees at Millcroft. We are committed to offering a great place to work with fair salaries, training opportunities and a good environment. Construction director, Mervyn Nicholls has also recently retired after 40 years’ service and our operations director, Mark Stimpson’s 36-year (and counting…) career with Millcroft was featured in one of our recent blogs.

Brian comments: “Millcroft has given me a great career, firm friends and a wife! so I will miss the company so much. It’s great to see the younger generation coming through though, with initiatives like the Kickstart programme. Ginny and I will continue to keep in touch and watch the company’s continued success.”

After 72-years Combined Service, Millcroft’s Married Couple Moves On

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