Building lifelong learning into our continuous improvement goals

April 2022

It’s no secret that training plays an important part in what we do here at Millcroft. Our aim is to ensure that every member of our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to go above and beyond for clients, and to ensure that we uphold the highest standards of health and safety; for our own team, for our clients and for the public.

It’s that philosophy that led us to create our own training centre on site at our yard here in Greenwich, to provide courses for both our team and our clients, and to achieve CITB Site Safety Plus accreditation for the facility. Our training centre has become a resource that has enabled us to innovate with initiatives like our mental health training programme, and to provide complete induction and training support for our Kickstarters.

But our emphasis on training is not restricted to health and safety courses or skill development for our site personnel. We believe that a company that embeds a focus on training at all levels, including the leadership team, creates a culture that strives for better and delivers continuous improvement. That’s why several of our directors and senior team have invested time in advanced learning.

Building on a lifetime of knowledge

Our leadership team has decades of experience gained in both hands-on site activity and managerial responsibilities. As a business, we’re always aware that we work in a sector where there is constant change across all kinds of operational areas, from health and safety and compliance, through to construction methodologies and client requirements.

Our sector is also characterised by the need to identify hazards and reduce risk. Our head of SHEQ, Mike Wright, ensures we apply health & safety best practice across all aspects of our business. With years of experience, he is responsible for training across the Millcroft team, and he is an advocate for the value of lifelong learning. Living and breathing those principles, Mike has recently completed an NVQ Level 6 in occupational safety and health, building on his knowledge, experience and qualifications. His advanced studies not only mean that he has current and wide-ranging knowledge, but also that everyone he trains – from within Millcroft and outside the company – have complete confidence that they’re learning from someone with certified expertise and authority.

Influencing the whole team

As a dynamic and ambitious business, learning is part of our commitment to delivering best practice and offering a smooth and efficient service for our clients. It is integral to quality-oriented operational management.

Learning is the process of questioning everything, so, when our directors invest time in training, it develops their ability to problem solve and innovate as an ingrained discipline that influences the way they lead the business and the industry-leading service we offer to our clients. It also influences the rest of our team, ensuring that, from the yard to the boardroom, we are all working towards continuous improvement.

Building lifelong learning into our continuous improvement goals

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