Inspiring the youth of today to become the scaffolders of tomorrow

June 2022

We have a long tradition of creating opportunities for young people to take their first step on a journey to a career in scaffolding here at Millcroft, and we’re proud of the way we inspire and nurture young talent. We were able to put that commitment into action with a group of 45 students recently, when we welcomed them to our scaffolding yard in Greenwich as part of the Construction Youth Trust’s ‘World of Work’ initiative. 

The Year 10 students from Deptford Green School were accompanied by six teachers, building on a partnership with the Construction Youth Trust that we have been developing for the past two years. The young people had already taken part in a number of activities at school to learn more about the varied roles that could be available to them if they choose a career in construction, and they were excited to learn more during their Millcroft visit.

Our Head of HSEQ, Mike Wright, took them to our training centre first of all, giving them a presentation about the Millcroft and the scaffolding business. He included a summary of his own career history, which began when he left school with no qualifications, before finding his way on to his career path in construction.

Mike explains: “Like me, some of these young people may feel that school is not for them and worry about how they will find their way into a career with prospects that they enjoy.

“I was able to show them how I went from school leaver to a professional career and two degrees by finding an industry that’s both challenging and interesting. I could see how some of what I said struck a chord with many of the students and I hope it has given them food for thought about their future ambitions.”

Following Mike’s presentation, the students were given a tour of the yard, with an outline of the careers available in the scaffolding sector, the equipment we use here at Millcroft and what it’s used for.

Mike continues: “There are 42 different roles in the Millcroft business alone, and talking through the different types of work in the scaffolding sector really helped the young people to understand that there are varied potential career opportunities.

“Walking around the Millcroft HQ gave them the chance to ask questions and get more of an understanding of what we do day to day, and it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm.”

Following their Millcroft visit, the students gave a presentation at school to summarise what they had learned from the day. The school’s Careers Lead was delighted with the results, stating: “You have outdone yourself and delivered an amazing learning experience for so many of our young people...thank you...to all who took the time to share their expertise, provide encouragement and constructive feedback when needed and most importantly cared.”

Emma Barnes, Programme Manager at the Construction Youth Trust added: “It was fantastic to watch the final presentations on Friday and see how much the students had taken on board. The programme was a huge success, and we could not have made such an impact on the young people without your support. Thank you so much for donating your time and expertise!”

With Deptford Green School located just a stone’s throw away from our HQ, who knows, perhaps we’ll see some of the young visitors again before too long - as trainee scaffolders!

Inspiring the youth of today to become the scaffolders of tomorrow

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