Spotlight on logistics: Getting kit to where it needs to be, safely and on time

February 2022

Delivering our projects safely and efficiently requires a slick logistics operation to ensure that we have the right pieces of kit on site, on time and exactly where they need to be.

As Millcroft takes on increasingly large and complex projects, such as our work with HS2 and Thames Water, that can even mean moving assets around the same site, due to the vast areas involved.

As a FORS Gold certified and ULEZ-compliant fleet operator, we maintain high standards of safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance across our fleet, delivering operational best practice.

As part of that commitment, we have recently added three new pick-ups and two new drivers to our fleet, enabling us to maintain service levels as we continue to grow.

Efficiency and environmental best practice

Our ULEZ-complaint vehicles are part of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations - and limiting the number of vehicle movements we require builds on that strategy.

Our yard manager, Mick Williamson, is responsible for ensuring the right equipment is dispatched to site in good time and for loading it onto vehicles for delivery. He takes pride in ensuring every wagon is loaded neatly and that space is optimised to reduce the number of wagon movements required.

Our investment in the new pick-up trucks enables us to select the right type of vehicle for the task. Where there is a requirement to deliver smaller amounts of equipment to site or return kit to the yard for redeployment, these smaller vehicles provide an efficient option. They are also ideal for moving equipment around on our larger sites and for gaining access to sites where there is limited space to manoeuvre a larger vehicle.

It’s all part of our ongoing investment in our fleet as an essential element of our operational efficiency and service to clients.

Dedicated drivers

A central part of our logistics strategy is to employ professional drivers with the skills required to drive a fully-loaded vehicle safely.

At Millcroft, safety is embedded in our culture and our logistics activity is included in that commitment. Our new drivers have undergone an induction that includes health & safety  and they are experienced additions to the team.

Our FORS Gold certification includes a commitment to driver training and best practice and, like all our employees, our new drivers will have a personal training plan and receive regular training at our CITB Site Safety Plus accredited on-site training centre.

Driving Growth

As Millcroft grows, so too does the need to invest in our capabilities across all operational functions. The recent addition of both vehicles and drivers to enhance our fleet demonstrates our focus on aligning our resources to demand for our services.

Spotlight on logistics: Getting kit to where it needs to be, safely and on time

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